Ras Al Khaimah School List

Schools in Ras Al Khaimah

Education is among Ras Al Khaimah’s top priorities and in its efforts to build a promising future and achieve comprehensive, sustainable growth, Ras Al Khaimah provides an excellent educational environment that takes education to a world-class level.

Ras Al Khaimah School List

Education is among Ras Al Khaimah’s top priorities and in its efforts to build a promising future and achieve comprehensive, sustainable growth, Ras Al Khaimah provides an excellent educational environment that takes education to a world-class level. 

Education is free for national citizens in public schools. It is compulsory for students between 6 and 12. Non-UAE nationals are allowed to enrol in public schools for simple fees.  The school term in Ras Al Khaimah starts in September and ends in June. 

There are more than 200 Schools and pre-schools in Ras Al Khaimah our of which 90 are managed by the government. Most of the schools follow the British and Indian curriculum.  We are listing schools in RAK all in one place.

  1. Kindergartens
  2. Public School for boys
  3. Public School for girls
  4. Private schools


S.NoSchoolPhone NumberEmail
1Al Worod Kindergarten07 233 2510[email protected]
2Al Abeer Kindergarten07 233 6122[email protected]
3Al Ghadeer Kindergarten07 244 5413[email protected]
4Al Rawabi Kindergarten07 244 3886[email protected]
5Al Mustaqbal Kindergarten07 223 3193[email protected]
6Al Ekhaa Kindergarten07 222 9880[email protected]
7Al Bashayer Kindergarten07 223 6002[email protected]
8Al Shomoos Kindergarten07 228 3717[email protected]
9Al Naseem Kindergarten07 258 5156[email protected]
10Al Rahma Kindergarten07 266 4472[email protected]
11Al Shomooa Kindergarten07 266 6885[email protected]
12Al Olaa Kindergarten07 268 1197[email protected]
13Al Yanabee Kindergarten07 244 8115[email protected]
14Al Nojoom Kindergarten04 852 5299[email protected]
15Kindergarten Development Centre (KDC)07 236 2010[email protected]

Public School for boys

S.NoSchoolPhone NumberEmail
1Ras Al Khaimah Secondary School07 236 1688[email protected]
2Saeed bin Jubair Secondary School07 221 1116[email protected]
3Tunb Secondary School07 228 0919[email protected]
4Al Jawdah Secondary School07 236 2238[email protected]
5Al Rams Secondary School07 266 5658[email protected]
6Al Jazeera Al Hamraa Primary and Secondary School07 244 6602[email protected]
7Shaam Primary and Secondary School07 268 1411[email protected]
8Khat Primary and Secondary School07 246 2444[email protected]
9Masafi Primary and Secondary School09 256 4212[email protected]
10Al Monayie Primary and Secondary School04 852 5718[email protected]
11Wadi Asfani Primary and Secondary School06 882 7679[email protected]
12Shooka Primary and Secondary School06 883 1155[email protected]
13Al Hamranya Primary and Secondary School07 243 6229[email protected]
14Al Ghail Primary and Secondary School07 258 5958[email protected]
15Al Wataniya Primary School07 258 4240[email protected]
16Moussa bin Nseir Primary School07 236 2239[email protected]
17Othman bin Abi Al Aas Primary School07 244 2687[email protected]
18Balat Al Shuhadaa Primary School07 235 1854[email protected]
19Al Burirat Primary School07 226 1003[email protected]
20Ibn Al Qayem Primary School07 228 3677[email protected]
21Al Yasser Primary School07 223 6355[email protected]
22Shaml Primary School07 223 6083[email protected]
23Ghalila Primary School07 266 6121[email protected]
24Abdul Rahman bin Ouf Primary School07 266 2448[email protected]

Public Schools for Girls

S.NoSchoolPhone NumberEmail
1Al Sabahyia Secondary School07 233 1613[email protected]
2Al Zait Secondary School07 235 2495[email protected]
3Noora Bint Sultan Secondary School07 228 9300[email protected]
4Julphar Secondary School07 223 9568[email protected]
5Al Hemham Secondary School07 246 2424[email protected]
6Al Najah Primary and Secondary School07 258 5133[email protected]
7Al Roya Primary and Secondary School07 266 3887[email protected]
8Al Hudaiba Secondary School07 222 9494[email protected]
9Al Jeer Primary and Secondary School07 268 1252[email protected]
10Sumia Bin Al Khayat Primary and Secondary School07 243 6228[email protected]
11Zynab Primary and Secondary School07 244 5663[email protected]
12Al Asmaa Bint Al Harith Primary and Secondary School04 852 5226[email protected]
13Mozoon Primary and Secondary School06 882 7655[email protected]
14Kadra Primary and Secondary School06 883 8112[email protected]
15Al Baidaa Primary School07 233 1342[email protected]
16Al Reyadah Primary School07 235 6651[email protected]
17Qubaa Primary School07 228 3474[email protected]
18Al Mataf Primary School07 223 5057[email protected]
19Suhila Primary School07 246 1420[email protected]
20Rafeeda Al Ansaryah Primary School07 246 3003[email protected]
21Zemzem Primary School07 244 2434[email protected]
22Naseeba bint Kaab Primary School07 233 2649[email protected]
23Al Ghub Primary School07 222 7244[email protected]
24Al Wadi Primary School07 266 6073[email protected]
25Al Ufuq Primary School07 266 2358[email protected]
26Al Nakheel Primary School07 223 4200[email protected]
27Idhen Primary School07 258 5570[email protected]
28Hessa bint Saqr Primary School07 244 5502[email protected]
29Mahra bint Ahmad Primary School07 222 5111[email protected]
30Zahrat Al Madaen Primary School07 222 3833[email protected]
31Um Al Qura Primary School07 266 7261[email protected]
32Heraa Primary School07 233 1486[email protected]
33Al Yamama Primary School07 243 6006[email protected]
34Um Al Dardaa Primary School07 223 6585[email protected]
35Al Mansoor Primary School07 235 1617[email protected]
36Zaid bin Hartha Primary School07 223 7873[email protected]
37Traim Omran Primary School07 244 5625[email protected]
38Ebn Zaydoon Primary School07 266 3539[email protected]
39Al Qasimya Primary School07 233 2332[email protected]
40Abi bin Kaab Primary School07 222 1223[email protected]
41Al Mareed Primary School07 228 3064[email protected]
42Bin Dhaher Primary School07 244 1683[email protected]
43Al Bustan Primary School07 244 8278[email protected]
44Hind Centre for Adult Education (evening)07 233 4571[email protected]
45Al Madina Centre for Adult Education (evening)07 223 4771[email protected]

Private Schools

S.NoSchoolPhone Number
1Al Manar Private School07 236 4642
2Islamic Education Private School07 233 4344
3Al Arabiya Private School07 222 8856
4RAK Modern Private School07 236 5995
5Al Rawabi Modern Private School07 228 2155
6Dar Al Salam Private School07 236 1154
7Al Salaf Al Saleh Private School07 268 0082
8Al Nasr Private School07 223 9595
9Nedaa Al Salam Private School07 266 4663
10Sheikha Hessa bint Saqr Private School07 236 2387
11Al Masafi Kindergarten07 256 4664
12Sheikha Nora bint Sultan Kindergarten07 235 3737
13International School of Choueifat07 235 3446
14RAK Academy IP07 236 2441
15RAK Academy Eng07 236 3995
16Ramsis Private English School07 236 2521
17Al Rashad British Private School07 235 5005
18GEMS Westminster School – Ras Al Khaimah07 203 5999
19Ras Al Khaimah American Academy for Girls07 221 1462
20Indian Private School07 228 8346
21Indian Modern Private School07 228 3886
22Indian Public High School07 222 3124
23Indian Students Private School07 222 7600
24Ideal English School07 227 2500
25Alpha Private School07 222 5151
26Pakistan Higher Secondary School07 228 1146
27Bangladesh Islamia Private School07 223 6271

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