Celebrate Ramadan Month with Traditional Arabic Vibes at Casa Cafe & Restaurant

Iftar Experience

Enjoy special iftaar menu at Casa Cafe & Restaurant!

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Ramadan is a month-long celebration observed by Muslims worldwide, which involves fasting from dawn to sunset and breaking the fast with family and friends in the evening. Casa Cafe & Restaurant offers a unique experience this Ramadan by providing traditional Arabic vibes to enhance the celebration.

During this special month, Casa Cafe & Restaurant will serve an array of traditional Arabic dishes typically enjoyed during Ramadan. From savoury appetizers to delicious main courses and delectable desserts, there will be something for everyone to enjoy. The restaurant will also offer a wide range of beverages, including traditional Arabic tea, coffee, and refreshing juices.

Celebrate Ramadan Month with Traditional Arabic Vibes at Casa Cafe & Restaurant

The ambience of Casa Cafe & Restaurant will transport customers to the heart of the Middle East with traditional Arabic music, decor, and lighting. The restaurant will be beautifully decorated with traditional lanterns and other Middle Eastern ornaments, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

Casa Cafe & Restaurant aims to provide customers with an unforgettable Ramadan experience, where they can break their fast with friends and family while enjoying traditional Arabic cuisine and ambience. With a menu catering to all tastes and preferences, customers will surely find something they love at Casa Cafe & Restaurant this Ramadan.


● Iftar menu
● Traditional live music
● Ramadan vibes

Ramadan month with traditional Arabic vibes…

Available for corporate and families

Early Bird Offer only 75 AED per person

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