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I love the old souk areas and the Vibrant cafe life of Ras Al Khaimah – Nicola Ablett

Nicola Ablett

Resilient and energetic are two words to describe Nicola as she is lively, passionate, and enthusiastic about everything she does and always tries to make a qualitative difference in her encounters. wow-rak meets her for a Tête-à-tête

Neuroscientists know more about the brain and its functionality than ever before, and the one thing all neuroscientists agree on is that there is so much more to learn. Your brain is quite simply the most complex entity in the universe, but fortunately, you don’t need to be a neuroscientist to understand the functional workings of the brain.

Meet Nicola Jane Ablett, a renowned PRISM Brain Mapping assessment practitioner in RAK who can map your brain and understand how your brain is ‘wired’ and how that may be impacting your success. Nicola lives in Ras Al Khaimah and has worked extensively within the UAE, GCC, MENA, East and West Africa, Brunei, Afghanistan, Kurdistan and Pakistan. She has substantial experience in coaching, mentoring, and facilitating cross-culturally from junior staff to senior management and the C-suite.

Resilient and energetic are two words to describe Nicola as she is lively, passionate, and enthusiastic about everything she does and always tries to make a qualitative difference in her encounters. wow-rak meets her for a Tête-à-tête

Tell us something about yourself?

I was born in the UK to parents who were in the British army, so we were on the move every 2 years or so, and lived in many countries, at age 11, myself and 2 siblings went to boarding school as our parents were posted to Bahrain, where I fell in love with the environment and culture.

As time moved on I studied and worked as an occupational therapist across Scotland and England before having the opportunity of moving to the UAE in 1995. Firstly to Abu Dhabi, and after my children returned to the UK for university, I moved to Ras Al Khaimah and have never regretted it.

When did you start your journey as a PRISM Brain Mapping Certified Practitioner?

I had already completed my British psychological society (BPS) level A and level B in psychometrics workplace assessments in 2006. when I was introduced to PRISM Brain Mapping by a then friend. I loved its neurosciences and behavioural aspects and the reliability and validity checks that are more difficult to manipulate and present a less than true reflection of a person’s preferred behaviours. So went on to complete the certified practitioner training in 2010.

What do you mean by PRISM Brain Mapping?

PRISM’s reports show not only people’s natural or instinctive behaviour preference but also the extent and the way in which they modify or adapt their preference on occasions to respond to what you see as the demands of specific situations e.g. their job. The reports also indicate where individuals may be overdoing or not making full use of their preferences. This insight also helps them to understand more about their true potential, as well as what may be hindering them from achieving even higher performance. 

The remarkable complexity of the brain has shown that human beings cannot credibly be divided up into a fixed number of types or groups of people who are unable to act outside of their profiles. PRISM does not, therefore, label people or fit them into ‘boxes’, nor does it have ‘scores’, or right or wrong answers. Instead, it provides users with a powerful, graphic explanation for why they approach situations and individuals in different ways. Because PRISM is based on perception, it is obvious that if perceptions change, the behaviour will change too. The dynamic interaction between the perception of self and the environment explains why an individual may behave differently from one situation to another.

What are the benefits of PRISM Brain mapping to corporates, individuals and students?

PRISM Brain Mapping has many applications and is hugely versatile as well as being in many languages. There are several practitioners here in UAE and GCC that are bi-lingual Arabic speakers. Several Emiratis are among them. From career exploration at the age of around 14 or 15 pre-vocational or academic choices can be facilitated and the user can manage this themselves or have a session to see how best to look at their potential from the perspective of behaviour and aptitude. 

Individuals can benefit from identifying their full potential with their preferred behaviours and work towards being their best selves. Developing resilience, leadership and teamwork.

Corporates can take advantage of using benchmarking, talent finder, team diagnostics and development, leadership, organisational culture and 360 performance feedforward.

Entrepreneurs can review themselves with their underlying map along with a benchmark and target their energies where they will make the most impact and build their support team or network with people who compliment their behaviours and pick up where you the entrepreneur have avoided behaviour.  Win-win!

Coming to RAK, which are your favourite spots in Ras Al Khaimah?

Ras Al Khaimah has beaches, gravel and fertile plains and mountains, what more could you wish for? I love the off the beaten track beaches, the camel race track, Jebel Jais and Yanas mountain and the remarkable scenery. The old souk areas and the vibrant cafe life. Although the pace is slower, people still have the time of day. They keep the culture and traditions alive.

The mangroves for kayaking and birdlife are just beautiful. Sunsets and sunrises are spectacular especially when in the mountains or on an off-road beach.

Ras Al Khaimah

Which one do you like better- Dubai or RAK? 

No question about it, Ras Al Khaimah. I love the old traditional parts, geology, archaeology, beaches, and the sky is almost dark at night.

How can people contact you if they want a consultation from you?

Contact can be made at grow@idmea.netOr visit the website https://idmea.net/

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