The Old Ras Al Khaimah Corniche

old corniche ras al khaimah

The Old Ras Al Khaimah Corniche

As the name suggests, this is the old corniche road along the Arabian Gulf sea. A great place to enjoy the white sand beach during the evenings. The area is hugely popular among locals and expatriates alike due to its proximity with the fish market, Kuwaiti souq street, mosques and most importantly Karak tea shops

Before sunset, the Old Corniche becomes a new centre of life in the Old Town. The Karak cafeterias here, especially Mandarin and Malik al-Karak, are the focal points of a daily ritual of car cruising up and down the Corniche as the sun sets out over the Gulf. This lasts until the Maghrib adhan.

This neighbourhood of Ras Al Khaimah, from which the emirate takes its name, has always been a place that’s attracted traders and families from different backgrounds, known for its Iranian market and the Sheikh Mohammed bin Salem Al Qasimi mosque where sheikhs and labourers still pray side by side. The men who lived here were polyglot traders who sailed the Indian Ocean until the 1950s.

Tea Shops at Old Corniche Ras al Khaimah
Tea Shops at Old Corniche Ras al Khaimah

These retired mariners continued to come when the trade slowed, driving in from distant neighbourhoods to play cards and drink tea.
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