RAKEZ B2B networking series – a big hit among SMEs

RAKEZ B2B networking series – a big hit among SMEs

Entrepreneurs in Ras Al Khaimah have been gathering at Compass Coworking Centre for monthly B2B networking events, hosted by Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ), to share experiences and learn from each other.

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Over the past few months, hundreds of UAE entrepreneurs have gathered at Compass Coworking Centre in Ras Al Khaimah to exchange valuable insights, success stories, and business opportunities. Launched in 2022, the monthly B2B networking series hosted by Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) continues to welcome members of the SME community to share experiences of their woes and triumphs on their journey to the top and learn from one another in a nurturing space.

The B2B events address varied themes such as elevating customer experiences, the ups and downs of entrepreneurial journeys, optimising user experience and website, building an innovation culture in the workplace, and the implications of the UAE’s corporate tax. Compass Coworking Centre also hosts casual networking sessions over coffee and breakfast every Friday, which is open to freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads and other members of the business community. The hub also recently played host to informative seminars on the UAE’s labour laws and taxation. Furthermore, some of the events bring together the stakeholders of specific sectors such as automobile, construction, F&B, chemicals, and manufacturing for brainstorming unique methods of cooperation. 

RAKEZ B2B networking series – a big hit among SMEs

RAKEZ Group CEO Ramy Jallad shared: “The entrepreneurial journey is no easy path, and this is where we come into the picture. As a hub for thousands of SMEs, we provide the platform for them to meet and collaborate,” he said. “Our B2B events are designed to help new business owners gain knowledge and expand their networks which will facilitate their growth and, in the long run, help the UAE’s economy diversify away from oil – something essential for our future growth and development.”

In this era of virtual interconnectedness, many business meetings take place online. However, there are unique benefits to meeting in the flesh, and in the aftermath of the pandemic, many founders, entrepreneurs and students have relished the opportunity to shake hands and share ideas in a vibrant and welcoming physical space – Compass Coworking Centre.

“Meeting people in person is a rich experience compared to connecting only through social media or digital mediums because you don’t really know people behind the screens,” says Ernesta Puodzuilaityte from F&S Real Estate Building. “Initiating relationships is a way of securing long-term clients.”

Attendees of RAKEZ’s community events, such as Ras Al Khaimah-based food distributor Eun-Jin Shin, found great value in the networking and learning opportunity: “Startups need to be in a coworking community where they have access to B2B events. Many might not know how to manage everything the right way, and this is where being in a community helps.”

Naina Kaur from Jersey Real Estate Brokers concurs with this, commenting, “The main takeaway from startup networking events is exchanging the stories of our journeys and learning from each other’s mistakes.”

Rakhi from Desert Art Collective echoed this sentiment: “Sometimes you do feel very lonely when trying to make your business work, but when you meet others like you and exchange stories, you realise that they are also dealing with similar obstacles. RAKEZ’s community events have been life-changing because I’ve connected with many entrepreneurs from different industries here.” 

With a busy diary of social and professional events, the centre since its inception in 2021, has been a platform for experts from sectors ranging from real estate to digital transformation and finance to inspire those who are planning to or just starting their ventures.

RAKEZ B2B networking series – a big hit among SMEs

At the same time, the members of Compass Coworking Centre have greater benefits of sharing space with a community of like-minded people supporting one another. Such an established ecosystem helps fresh entrepreneurs easily find the right support which they may not have otherwise found in the vast, competitive and fast-paced market.

Tim Wicker from The Compliance Connection is one of the frequent visitors to the centre. “Compass is a fantastic venue”, he says. “As a small entrepreneur, you’re very much by yourself. So working in an open space, you can easily reach out to other entrepreneurs, share your experiences over a coffee and build not just friendships, but also strategic partnerships. I’m looking forward to more events where more specialisations – such as how to comply with regulations, what do you need to know from an accounting or a regulatory perspective – can be highlighted to help small businesses.”

Whether you’re keen to network and share B2B challenges and opportunities, or you just want to relax at a yoga or art session, Compass Coworking Centre has it all – with flexible membership options. 

Contact RAKEZ today to become a part of a collaborative entrepreneurial community.

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