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How to Get Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Get Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment: Step-by-Step Guide
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Anxiety and uncertainty encourage the creation of a backup plan. Immigration is often considered for this purpose. Countries are interested in foreign capital, so they actively attract it differently. One of them is a program of rapid relocation on favorable terms.

Taking advantage of an idea from the government is not difficult. Wealthy immigrants follow only two instructions: invest in projects and submit documents to the consulate. The Antigua and Barbuda citizenship program is a way to care for Plan B. Agents who are accredited complete the required procedures in a few months.

Overview of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Program

Why is the relocation offer attractive? It is simple: you just need to deposit funds in the chosen country and get the rights of EU residents. The benefits are enough to travel smoothly, grow your company, and enjoy a comfortable environment.

The consultation of the expert Vladlena Baranova (Immigrant Invest agency) helped to explain the principles that make Antigua passport by investment attractive. So, it was possible to discover several features of the option:

  1. Options for capital direction. The government offers two investment options, and the sum is characterized by affordability.
  2. The presence of a “family package”. The applicant draws up an application and includes relatives on the list. There are no additional conditions for them except for the absence of an official marriage.
  3. Cost. Participation in the investment program requires the deposit of funds for 100 thousand euros. The number of applicants and the chosen option affect the final cost.

The data confirms that immigration in this way is fast and at minimal cost.

Investment Ways for Obtaining Citizenship

Contributions to the economy of Caribbean countries are divided into two categories: repayable and non-refundable. The first option is attractive due to the speed of capital return (usually 5 years). However, it is worth considering another method in cases where the investor is not interested in the availability of real estate on the islands. 

Contributing funds to a business project is an expensive investment. The size is more than 1.5 million euros. It is recommended to evaluate the project’s business plan before entering into a contract.

A non-refundable contribution is a charity. The immigrant supports a public fund and receives privileges when considering the application. However, the capital spent on participation is not refundable and belongs to the country after the application is approved.

Procedures and Documents for Applying

The procedure for obtaining a passport and citizenship is simple. The applicant collects the documents specified in the guide to obtaining of Antigua citizenship. A trusted person is responsible for preparing the package of papers, and the immigrant provides:

  • information on the status of the financial account and ways of obtaining capital;
  • health information to ensure there is no risk to a local citizen;
  • investment reports based on the option selected and the number of applicants.

It is possible to hand over the papers to your country’s consulate. No personal visit to the islands or minimum period of residence is required. Verification of the application takes no more than six months, and a response is sent to the agent or the applicant’s home address.

How to Get Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment: Step-by-Step Guide

Key Advantages of Antigua CBI Program

A review of the available benefits allows you to evaluate the benefits of the advantages. An applicant whose application is approved get:

  1. Visa-free travel to 155 countries. Visa-free travel ensures that authorization can be processed after crossing the border.
  2. New tax system. Entrepreneurs are exempt from double taxation. In addition, there are no capital gains, inheritance, and estate tax.
  3. The opportunity to move with family. You can add not only children or a spouse to the application. The investor must confirm that parents/brothers/sisters depend on them financially to be included.
  4. Choice of multiple investment options. The minimum contribution to the country is €100,000 and the maximum is €1,500,000. With this in mind, the island passport is one of the cheapest solutions.
  5. Obtaining a “strong” passport. A visa-free regime and flexible taxation are part of the benefits. In addition, foreigners get a high standard of living in a safe society.

There are other opportunities to supplement the list of benefits for wealthy investors. Second citizenship and residence permit open horizons for business development.


The choice of a “strong” passport depends on the investor’s requirements. Accredited agents help to consider suitable conditions and choose a profitable program from the available ones. As for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship through investment, the second citizenship stands out among others. Low cost, minimal requirements, and several investment options motivate us to consider participation. 

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