Starting Feb 2018, Apply for UAE driving licence at your home in RAK

Year of Zayed: ‘The new service – to begin in February – shall be available at affordable rates.’ #rakiswow
Starting February this year, residents in RAK will be able to renew their driving licences without visiting the licencing department.
The move, according to Col. Adel Ali Al Ghais, director of the licencing and drivers department of the RAK police, is part of the Year of Zayed initiative.
“The move is aimed to provide ease to drivers and bring them happiness in view of the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed.”
He added that drivers can have their driving licence renewed by simply using the smart app of the RAK police or ministry of interior.
“As per the new service, to be available as of February this year, drivers do not need to appear in person at the concerned licencing department.”
With the new service, long queues and hours of waiting will be history, he underlined. “The new service shall be available at affordable rates.”
The RAK police, in collaboration with the ministry of interior, will also adopt a new permanent vehicle registration scheme – in line with the UAE Government 2021 vision,” he added.
“As per this pioneering service, drivers will be able to have their registration cards renewed electronically without having a new hard copy of the renewed card each time as is the case now.”
Col Al Ghais said the emirate will get the biggest ever driving training centre in the country in the beginning of 2019.
Source: Khaleej Times
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