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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: Best Mosque in Ras Al Khaimah

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Best Mosques in Ras Al Khaimah
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Your trip to Dubai won’t be completed if you don’t pay a visit to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This mosque is open to non-muslims as well so you can easily visit this mosque.

Well, where is this mosque located? What is its architecture? What are the rules and regulations for visiting this mosque? What is the best time to visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque?

There are a number of questions you need to get answers to before visiting this mosque. So, read this blog to explore all the details. 

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Introduction

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque was started in 1996 and took 12 years to complete. Greek and Macedonian marble were used in its construction. More than 3,000 workers built this incredible mosque and 38 other construction companies also took part in it. The construction of the masterpiece costs about 2 billion dollars. This impeccable mosque has a great architectural design. If we talk about the domes, then there are 82 domes in this largest mosque which are made with white marble. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in Dubai where more than 40,000 visitors can worship at a time. In the entire world, this is the third largest mosque. There is one bigger and two smaller payers halls in the Mosque. The bigger one can accommodate 7,000 visitors and the smaller ones can accommodate 15,00 visitors each. 

Key Facts About Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Here are some key facts about the largest mosque in Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Mosque: 

  • The colossal hall of the mosque can accommodate 40,000 people. 
  • There are 76 interior columns in the mosque. 
  • There are 7 chandeliers in the mosque. 
  • The chandeliers in the mosque are made of brass, stainless steel, 24-carat gold and the interior columns which are studded with jewels. 
  • The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is inspired by Ottman’s culture. 
  • The mosque is decorated with the largest carpet in the world which is around 60,750 square feet. 
  • The unique feature of the mosque is the pools that shine under the moonlight. 
  • The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is open to non-muslims. 

How to Reach Sheikh Zayed Mosque?

The distance between the Sheikh Zayed Mosque from the Abu Dhabi airport is just 19 kilometers. So, there are two ways to reach the mosque from the Abu Dhabi airport. Either you can take a taxi or you can take a bus service. Well, the cost will vary for both. If you take a private taxi, it will cost around Dh90 – Dh120, while the cost of the bus service will be less than it. If you have so much luggage and family members, opting for a private taxi will be the best option for you. On the contrary, if you take a bus service, you need to take off the bus at Zayed Sports City and cover the distance of about 3km on your own. 

What to Do at Sheikh Zayed Mosque?

So, what you can do at the mosque? Here are the things you can do at SAheikh Zayed Mosque to relax, calm and cheer your mind: 

  • Pray: You can visit the mosque during prayer hours and pray to god. 
  • Explore the Architecture: You can explore the amazing architecture and beauty of the mosque. It will surely astonish you and help you spend your time in the best possible way. 
  • Enjoy the Sunset: On the edge of the pool in the evening, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset at the mosque. This would be the best time to click amazing pictures.
  • Free Tour at Sheikh Zayed Mosque: Having a tour of the mosque is a great way to explore it entirely. From Saturday till Thursday, you can enjoy the tour services at the mosque starting from 11:00 AM. However, on Friday, the tour begins at 5:00 PM. if you are heading to the place in summer, make sure to carry your sunglasses and sunscreen as the weather would be too hot there. In addition, it is better to choose either morning or evening to have a tour in the summer season. 

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Things to Consider Before Visiting the Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Here are a few things you need to take care of while visiting the Sheikh Zayed Mosque: 

  • You need to take off your shoes outside before going inside the mosque. 
  • The entry to the mosque might be a bit complex and can take more than 30 minutes, so have patience. 
  • Don’t carry food, cosmetics, cigarettes, alcohol and other prohibited items along with you while visiting the mosque. 
  • Carry your sunglasses and sunscreen in the hot weather. 
  • Although you will be provided with free guides who will let you know about the mosque, it is better to hire a private guide if you want to know everything in depth. 

Summing Up

To sum up, we hope the information given above will help you explore the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in the best manner. So, go there, speed the best time of your life and click pictures to make lifelong memories.

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