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Ras Al Khaimah is the best Emirate in my point of view- Sheikha Mohammed

famous influencer from Ras Al Khaimah- Sheikha Mohammed.

Read about the RAK influencer Sheikha Mohammed in our section ‘In The Spotlight’

Hello friends. This week, ‘In The Spotlight’ is a very famous influencer from Ras Al Khaimah- Sheikha Mohammed. She has a lot to tell you about the interesting places to go to in RAK and how she amassed over 100K followers across social platforms.

1. Tell us something about yourself?
Hello, my name is Sheikha Mohammed I’m 21 years old from Dubai but moved to RAK Al Hamra Village 4 years ago. I love Photography, Cats, Cooking (occasionally) and experiencing new cultures and places, and learn new languages.

2. When did you start your journey as a lifestyle blogger/influencer?
I started when I was 14 years old back then there weren’t any local bloggers or Ras Al Khaimah influencer on social media platforms, I was one of the first bloggers & I suddenly started getting a lot of fame and followers really fast but I had to stop it for few years because of my studies & from what culture and religion we come from we are not supposed to be in front of media & people. But thankfully, my mom supported me throughout my journey in social media and my life & made me realize what I’m capable of. I always loved photography so it helped me a lot in content creation and I started getting contacted by more people to promote their business because of the interesting content I had & now I’m a lifestyle fashion & food blogger with over 100k+ growing followers across different platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook & TikTok. I promote all kinds of local businesses from hotels to restaurants & food to whats trending in fashion & high end products.

3. Which are you close to more- fashion, food, or lifestyle?
I am a foodie so that makes me close to food the most & like who doesn’t like food. I love trying new different cuisines and flavors. I’m also into fashion because my mom is a fashion designer so I help her a lot with designing dresses which makes me learn a lot about what’s trending & a good lifestyle comes from a good sense of food & fashion and for me, life is an art.

4. What does your regular day in RAK look like?
Before COVID-19, life was pretty interesting there were so many things to do like family and friends gathering or going out on trips together or go anywhere without worrying about anything but now life has changed drastically but we are still thankful to god and our rulers who are providing the best for everyone being a local or an expat. So now life is still good I’m more concentrated on my work and spending more time with the family, we still go out for dinners or lunches in different places in RAK, or I occasionally join them for grocery shopping.

5. What are your go-to places in RAK?
I love Jabal Jais. It’s such a magical place in RAK- only if I lived close by I would go there every day but the drive all the up is kinda scary. But as I live in Al Hamra Village, thankfully, we have really nice cafés & restaurants here and in Mina Al Arab. Friday Islanders brunch in Doubletree Marjan & I used to go to the Gold Club every Thursday before. It’s a nice place to grab some drinks or chill with ur friends & family. Also, I love Groove Village in Corniche; it has really interesting shops. Other than that we love our staycations in Doubletree Al Marjan & Corniche, Waldorf Astoria, Cove Rotana, and Ritz Carlton too.

6. Favourite beach in RAK 
I am not a beach person but I like the flamingo beach since it has different restaurants and cafes so people can grab a bite or a coffee or even go for a morning walk, also the RAK-UAQ beach beside Al Marjan is also very nice and clean. Alhamra beach is also very nice.

7. Favourite camping spot
Long Beach Campground is the best spot for camping not only in RAK but in UAE other than that I haven’t liked anything as good as that. They have different activities there and the prices are amazing. There are a lot of good spots for camping such as Al Hamra Royal Breeze Beach. Other than that my favorite camping spot is the desert and sand dunes in winters there are places like Awafi, Exit 116 on Mohammed Bin Zayed Road in RAK but many in different Emirates.

8. Which one do you like better- Dubai or RAK?
I am a nature-holic I enjoy being in calm quiet places where I can see greenery everywhere away from metropolitan cities filled with traffic & noises. Ras Al Khaimah is the best Emirate in my point of view because everything is close by and easy to do you don’t have to worry about crazy traffic jams or wrong exits which leads you to the other part of the city. The best thing is the weather here. You can actually feel the clean cool breeze because of the mountains, beaches, and desert. Dubai is good for people who like loud and happening places it’s better for tourists and it’s just 35-40 mins from the place I live so it’s not a long drive if I ever want to go. if you want to live in peace then RAK is the best choice ever and I’m so happy that we live here.

10. What’s that one advice that you will give to the upcoming Ras Al Khaimah influencer?

  • Creating good and interesting content for your audience.
  • Grow your followers organically and DON’T buy fake followers no matter what.
  • Learn how to take good and professional pictures because that is what represents you and your work on social media.

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