RAKEZ Teams Up with CBI to Revolutionize Business Banking!

RAKEZ Teams Up with CBI to Revolutionize Business Banking!

Discover how the RAKEZ and CBI partnership is revolutionizing the business landscape in Ras Al Khaimah.

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In a move set to transform the business landscape in Ras Al Khaimah, Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) has joined forces with Commercial Bank International (CBI) to enhance the banking experience for RAKEZ clients. This strategic partnership aims to promote financial inclusion by simplifying access to a wide range of financial services, ensuring they are readily available. Let’s delve into the details of this groundbreaking collaboration and how it’s poised to benefit both RAKEZ clients and the overall business environment.

Streamlining Business Banking: The RAKEZ-CBI Collaboration

The Birth of a Strategic Partnership

The RAKEZ and CBI collaboration marks a significant milestone in pursuing a more business-friendly ecosystem in Ras Al Khaimah. This partnership is driven by the shared vision of making financial services easily accessible to all clients operating within RAKEZ.

CBI’s Commitment to Seamless Business Setup

CBI has pledged its unwavering support to RAKEZ clients by simplifying and expediting their business setup processes. A key aspect of this commitment involves streamlining the corporate bank account opening procedure, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

RAKEZ CEO’s Perspective

Ramy Jallad, the Group CEO of RAKEZ, expressed his enthusiasm about this collaboration, emphasizing the organization’s dedication to enhancing the customer journey. He highlighted the goal of making every aspect of business quick and easy for RAKEZ clients, with CBI being a valuable addition to their strategic partners.

Exploring Future Possibilities

RAKEZ and CBI have not stopped at this initial collaboration. They are actively exploring additional areas of partnership, including onboarding integrations, to enhance the interests of their respective clients further and foster a more conducive business environment.

CBI’s Excitement and Commitment

CBI is equally excited about this strategic partnership, viewing it as a cornerstone in their commitment to excellence in customer experience. They have strongly desired to extend and deepen this partnership, aligning it with their mission of continuously improving the customer journey.

CEO of CBI’s Perspective

Ali Sultan Rakkad Al Amri, the CEO of CBI, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to partner with RAKEZ. He emphasized their dedication to making customer interactions seamless and efficient, essential to their mission. Furthermore, he anticipates more fruitful initiatives, aiming to benefit their clients and contribute to developing a thriving business ecosystem.

RAKEZ’s Ongoing Commitment

This strategic partnership underscores RAKEZ’s unwavering commitment to providing a business-friendly ecosystem. By simplifying processes and enhancing the overall experience for its clients through collaborations like this, RAKEZ empowers businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive in today’s dynamic economic landscape.


The collaboration between RAKEZ and CBI represents a significant step toward revolutionizing the business landscape in Ras Al Khaimah. By simplifying financial access and streamlining business setup processes, both organizations are working diligently to ensure that RAKEZ clients enjoy a seamless and efficient experience. This partnership not only benefits existing businesses but also sets the stage for a more conducive business environment, empowering entrepreneurs to thrive in today’s dynamic economic landscape. As RAKEZ and CBI continue to explore new avenues of collaboration, the future of business banking in Ras Al Khaimah looks promising and customer-focused.

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