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Paws on Grass (POG)- An eco-friendly and hygienic solution for your pet needs

Paws on Grass (POG) is an eco-friendly and hygienic solution for your pet needs

The pandemic has not just been difficult for humans but pets too. In any case, for people living in a high-rise building and working erratic hours, it’s been challenging to take pets outdoors. And as we all know, pets love to relieve themselves on fresh grass; which is what they have missed the most.

But there is a solution available now, thanks to Bilal Warsi. Bilal had a unique idea with Paws on Grass (POG) where he created an environmentally friendly and hygienic toilet solution for the pets.

With so many city dwellers living in high-rise buildings, having your POG makes sense both for your pet and the surrounding environment. A simple all-natural product straight from the farm, it offers a grass solution like no other.

According to Bilal, the feedback for POG has been incredible, and their client base is on a steep incline. One of the positive feedback he has received is how POG is smell-free, unlike fake grass products.

The POG products come in three differing sizes, small, medium, and large. The small grass option is ideal for smaller pets and measures 48cm x 60cm and is under 10kg in weight. Paws on Grass is a one-of-a-kind pet solution that provides a solid pet plan for those that face challenges of living in a high-rise apartment block, work long and unpredictable hours, and of course, may have an elder or injured family pet.

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