Over 7,800 companies join RAKEZ’s thriving business community in 2023

Revolutionizing Ras Al Khaimah: RAKEZ's Client-Centric Business Transformation

Discover why 7,800+ companies chose RAKEZ in 2023. Join the thriving business community!

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Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, commonly referred to as RAKEZ, has solidified its position as the ultimate hub for investors worldwide seeking to grow their businesses. In 2023, RAKEZ witnessed an astonishing influx of over 7,800 new companies choosing it as their base for establishment and expansion. This surge represents an impressive 86% increase in new registrations compared to the previous year, underscoring RAKEZ’s enduring appeal and reputation for entrepreneurial success.

The Visionary Leadership of Ramy Jallad

RAKEZ’s success story is closely tied to its visionary leader, Ramy Jallad, the CEO of RAKEZ Group. Mr Jallad’s commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience, purposeful solutions, and a ‘build as you go’ approach has been instrumental in attracting investors of all kinds, whether they are startups, SMEs, or industrial giants. Let’s delve deeper into RAKEZ’s journey and what makes it a top choice for businesses worldwide.

RAKEZ: A Diverse Ecosystem

RAKEZ has rapidly expanded its support for businesses operating across a wide spectrum of industries. The economic zone has welcomed companies with open arms from technology to renewable energy, e-commerce to AI and robotics. This expansion was made possible by introducing tailored set-up packages, launching new products and services, constructing additional warehouses and storage units, and strategic partnerships. Let’s explore how RAKEZ caters to diverse business needs.

2023: A Year of Substantial Growth

In 2023, the existing businesses within the RAKEZ community experienced remarkable growth. Nearly 100 companies expanded their operations in various sectors, highlighting the attractiveness of RAKEZ as a destination for expansion. Key industries that witnessed significant growth include structural steel manufacturing, automotive and parts manufacturing, foodstuff mills and packaging, appliances, machinery, engines, vehicle manufacturing, and building materials. Let’s take a closer look at the sectors thriving within RAKEZ.

RAKEZ’s Role in Ras Al Khaimah’s Vision

RAKEZ’s success is not only measured by its growth but also by its contribution to the broader vision of Ras Al Khaimah. The economic zone is pivotal in the emirate’s vision and leadership goals by maintaining an investment-friendly ecosystem. RAKEZ empowers over 21,000 diverse multinational companies within its community, enabling them to access lucrative global markets from the heart of Ras Al Khaimah. Discover how RAKEZ aligns with the emirate’s aspirations.

Tailored Solutions for Business Growth

RAKEZ’s commitment to nurturing businesses extends beyond words. The economic zone has taken significant steps to enhance its products, streamline processes, and introduce innovative solutions that cater to evolving business requirements. Whether you’re a startup looking for a supportive ecosystem or an established corporation seeking global expansion, RAKEZ has a solution. Explore the range of offerings that make RAKEZ a unique destination.


Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) has proven to be a magnet for investors seeking growth and success. With a visionary leader and a commitment to tailored solutions, RAKEZ has attracted thousands of businesses from various industries. Its role in realising Ras Al Khaimah’s vision is undeniable, and it continues to provide unwavering support to businesses of all sizes. If you’re considering expansion or starting a new venture, RAKEZ is undoubtedly a destination worth exploring. Discover the opportunities that await in this thriving economic zone.

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