Mother’s Day Flowers Delivery in Dubai: How to Choose the Right Service

Mother's Day Flowers Delivery in Dubai: How to Choose the Right Service
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Nowadays, many people prefer to give flowers not in person, but with the help of a courier. Do not assume that this is a tribute to disrespect or bad taste. This practice has more than caught on.  Flower delivery is a popular service. In addition, it can cause a storm of positive emotions in the recipient of the presentation. To ensure that the money was not spent in vain, you need to pay a lot of attention to the choice of the service provider. 

Maximizing the effect of the surprise will be possible only if the service is reliable and trusted. Not all representatives of the market can be trusted with such an important mission. In the flower business, there are many nuances. It is necessary to deliver a bouquet at exactly the appointed time, and the flowers should look impressive and presentable, without losing their natural attractiveness and freshness. How to choose the right approach to the question of choosing a performer?

Consider the Reputation of the Service

Through the Internet, it is not difficult to read about the reputation of an individual organization. Examine several sources at once to finally confirm your opinion. Ask for advice from friends and relatives. Surely some of them have faced the need to order flowers online. Take into account their experience. Trust only reliable service providers, such as Flowwow, who have already earned customer loyalty.

Ensure Quality of the Products

In an offline store, it’s easy to choose fresh flowers. It is enough to examine the flower and touch the bud. But with the order of a bouquet online there are doubts: what if a bouquet is made of stale flowers? There are a few simple ways to protect yourself from such an unpleasant situation. First, choose a reliable flower delivery service with a proven reputation. Secondly, ask questions about the storage temperature of flowers. They should be in the refrigerator. Thirdly, ask to take a picture of the bouquet before sending it.

Evaluate Options and Timelines of Delivery

Delivery time – how quickly and on time the order arrives to the recipient. The optimal time for delivery of a parcel within one city is 1 day. Shipping to other regions takes more than 1 day; it all depends on the logistics of each delivery service.

The cost of delivery. An important part which concerns the financial costs of the online store. Pay attention to the proposed tariffs, the cost of additional services, the terms of payment for the delivery of goods depending on their size.

Check for Additional Services  

Another factor that is certainly worth noting is that the client can order other additional services, such as:

– The original design of the bouquet with the help of various additional accessories;

– Choose any suitable method of payment;

– The client receives a bouquet in ideal condition in the time strictly agreed upon;

– whether the flowers are sold in baskets;

– availability of additional accessories, such as gifts, cards, soft toys or balloons;

Compare Prices of Different Services

It is in the online store that you can choose, order flowers and compare them with your favorite options! There are absolutely different bouquets – tender and bright, big and small, roses and exotic flowers bouquets, and much more!

Compare prices for your favorite bouquets from different services and choose the best option for you.

Read Reviews

The sites, as a rule, are photos of bouquets in the professional processing of photographers, so whether the bouquet will look like that in real – you do not know. So start looking for reviews about the company you like. Now feedback threads are very popular, people leave their reviews there about literally everything. Popular flower delivery services are no exception. In the reviews, you will learn all the information about how this firm is conscientious, how fast the delivery is, how the real bouquets look and other issues.


  • Flower Plus

The boutique offers a large and modern collection of floral bouquets designed in an artistic and picturesque manner for all customers.This store covers a group of branches scattered in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.Through the website, customers can specify all the details, whether flowers for private parties, corporate parties, weddings or just personal occasions such as birthdays

  • Maison Des Fleurs:

A traditional French flower store in Dubai with a team of experts in arranging roses and assembling them harmoniously and beautifully. Customers using the store’s website can also choose from a wide range of modern and casual flowers, chocolates and other additions.

  • Upscale and Bush Flowers.

The store’s website is known as one of the most important online flower ordering sites in Dubai because of its fast service and reasonable prices that are suitable for various events including birthdays, Mother’s Day, marriage anniversaries, weddings, or at companies where customers can choose between different packages.In addition, there are daily discounts of up to 25% on certain items

  • Black Tulip Flowers 

Black Tulip Flowers offers excellent online flower delivery services in Dubai and Sharjah, as this company is known to import 3 to 3.5 tons of flowers a day from Mauritius, South Africa, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Thailand and New Zealand. Which made it one of the best sites to order flowers online in Dubai with home delivery

What Are the Best Flowers for Mother’s Day?

When choosing a bouquet for mom, you need to consider her individual preferences. All women are different: some like classic roses on long stems, others like modest field flowers or even cacti. And yet you can show imagination and surprise mom with an exclusive, exotic bouquet of dried flowers, herbs and rare, valuable plants.

Choosing a bouquet, you should rely on generally accepted rules:

  • Business conservative women are better to give classic flowers – roses, lilies, callas;
  • For romantic mothers, daisies, irises, gerberas and chrysanthemums are better suited;
  • Moms who are housewives can be presented tulips, irises, daffodils, symbolizing love and care;
  • Sensitive, constantly worried mothers can get eustoma, as their subtle, unobtrusive aroma soothes the nervous system.

A fresh, bright, colorful bouquet with lush vegetation and lush greenery will instantly lift your spirits and will delight you with its appearance for a long time. It is sure to find the most prominent place in the interior!

Where to Buy Flowers in the UAE?

You can buy flowers in boutiques or online stores, such as:

  1. flowwow
  2. Azalee
  3. Fine Blooms
  4. Domus Flower
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