Meet Chef Florian at The Cove Rotana Resort Ras Al Khaimah

Meet Chef Florian at The Cove Rotana Resort!

Discover the culinary journey of Chef Florian Eberhardt, a Michelin-starred chef with a flair for international cuisines, as he joins The Cove Rotana Resort to bring a unique dining experience to guests.

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The culinary world is about to witness a remarkable transformation as The Cove Rotana Resort proudly welcomes Chef Florian Eberhardt, a seasoned German chef with an impressive background in Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury hotels. With a career spanning over two decades, Chef Florian’s culinary journey is a testament to his passion for creating exciting and adventurous flavours that leave a lasting impression on diners’ palates.

Meet Chef Florian Eberhardt

In this section, we’ll delve into Chef Florian Eberhardt’s background, tracing his journey from his early apprenticeship to his current role as Executive Chef at The Cove Rotana Resort.

A Humble Beginning

Chef Florian’s culinary adventure began in the heart of Germany at the Michelin-starred Gourmet Restaurant Berens am Kai in Düsseldorf. Here, he embarked on a three-year professional apprenticeship that laid the foundation for his exceptional culinary skills.

Climbing the Ranks

With a natural talent for cooking, Chef Florian’s career took off rapidly. He quickly rose through the ranks in reputable fine-dining establishments, including:

  • Chef de Partie at Swissotel Berlin: Chef Florian’s expertise continued growing as he served as Chef de Partie at Swissotel Berlin, gaining valuable experience in fine cuisine.
  • Demi Chef de Partie at Swissotel Berlin: His dedication and skill led him to the position of Demi Chef de Partie, where he further honed his culinary talents.
  • Sous Chef at Adlon Kempinski Holding, Berlin: Berlin’s renowned Adlon Kempinski Holding saw Chef Florian as a Sous Chef, contributing to the hotel’s culinary excellence.
  • Sous Chef at Restaurant Rollerhof, Basel: Switzerland’s Restaurant Rollerhof hosted Chef Florian as a sous chef, and he continued to make waves in the culinary world.

Exploring New Horizons

After seven years of refining his craft in European establishments, Chef Florian decided to spread his culinary wings and explore new territories. His journey took him to Asia, where he embraced fresh challenges and exciting opportunities.

  • Chef de Cuisine at Swissotel “NaiLert Park,” Bangkok, Thailand: Chef Florian’s Asian odyssey commenced with his appointment as Chef de Cuisine at Swissotel “NaiLert Park” in Bangkok, Thailand. Here, he showcased his culinary prowess to an international audience.
  • Executive Chef in Southeast Asia: Chef Florian’s passion for culinary exploration led him to take up roles in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar, where he continued to master the art of diverse cuisines.

A Homecoming

After his extensive travels throughout Asia, Chef Florian eventually returned to his roots in Germany. He embraced the role of Executive Chef at Hilton Dresden, where he brought his global culinary experiences to the heart of Europe.

Chef Florian’s Culinary Style

In this section, we’ll explore Chef Florian’s distinctive culinary style, marked by exciting, bold, and adventurous flavours that have earned him acclaim worldwide.

Fusion of Traditions

Chef Florian’s journey has equipped him with a unique blend of traditional Asian and contemporary European culinary techniques. His ability to seamlessly merge these two worlds sets him apart as a chef with a truly global perspective.

The Creative Process

One of Chef Florian’s greatest joys is the creative process of experimenting with Eastern and Western ingredients. He excels at combining various flavours and textures to craft modern gastronomic delights that tantalize the taste buds.

A Vision for The Cove Rotana Resort

Chef Florian’s appointment as Executive Chef at The Cove Rotana Resort heralds an exciting new era for the hotel’s culinary offerings.

Elevating the Menu

Chef Florian’s mission is clear: to introduce a characteristic food menu that satisfies the diverse tastes of international guests. With his extensive experience in global cuisines, he aims to elevate the resort’s dining experience to new heights.

Unforgettable Dining

Chef Florian said, “My vision is to bring our guests an exceptional and memorable dining experience.” His commitment to this vision promises to make The Cove Rotana Resort a culinary destination.


The Cove Rotana Resort’s decision to welcome Chef Florian Eberhardt is a testament to their commitment to providing guests with an extraordinary culinary experience. With his rich culinary background, international expertise, and dedication to pushing culinary boundaries, Chef Florian is set to redefine fine dining at the resort. Guests can look forward to a remarkable journey of flavors that will leave a lasting impression on their palates, making The Cove Rotana Resort a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts worldwide. Chef Florian Eberhardt’s culinary adventure continues, and the world eagerly anticipates the delightful creations he will bring to the table.

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