Jebel Jais Adventure Park: Activities, Timings & More

Jebel Jais Adventure Park: Activities, Timings & More
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Jebel Jais is not only a beautiful destination but full of adventures. In the list of places to visit in the UAE, the Jebel Jais Adventure Park must also be included. This place is full of adventurous activities where you can enjoy and even overcome your fear of heights if you want to.

Well, the first thing you need to know is that Jebel Jais Adventure Park or Peak, are the same, so don’t get confused.

In this article, we will share information about this adventurous place such as location, the best activities to do, timing and cost as well so that you can make your plan accordingly. 

Introduction: Jebel Jais Adventure Park

This incredible destination is located in Ras Al Khaimah. This place is full of life-changing experiences and many individuals have eliminated their fear by involving themselves in various adventure activities such as Via Ferrata. Jebel Jais Flight, Jais Sledder, Jais Sky Tour and so on. 

Activities to do at Jebel Jais Adventure Park 

There are various activities you can do at Jebel Jais Adventure Park to spend some enjoyable and quality time with your loved ones. The various adventure activities are given below: 

1) Jebel Jais Sledder 

The Jebel Jais Sledder is the longest Toboggan ride in Ras Al Khaimah which is around 1840 meters in length. If we talk about the speed of this ride, then it does not exceed 40km/hour. When the ride goes downhill, it gives a thrilling experience to the riders. Not only just the ride amazing, but the view and the location are also stupendous. 

Jebel Jais Sledder Tickets

The cost of the ride for adults and kids is given below: 

  • Adult Ticket: AED 45 for a Single Ride  and AED 100 for Three Rides
  • Adult+Child Ticket: AED 60 for a Single Ride for AED 125 for Three Rides

Jebel Jais Sledder Timings

The information about the timing of the ride is really important so that you don’t need to get disappointed upon reaching the park during non-operative hours of the ride. So the timing of the sledder is given below:

  • Tuesday to Thursday 12:00 pm – 06:00 pm
  • Friday to Sunday 11:00 am – 06:00 pm
  • Monday closed 

2) Jebel Jais Sky Tour 

Having a sky tour is possible if you are at Jebel Jais. Here you can relish alluring views of the mountains, clouds and sky on the sky bridge that is 300 meters above the ground level. To enhance your sky tour experience, you can also move from one end to the other on the longest zipline in the world. The longest zipline at Jebel Jais covers a distance of 5km and can accommodate 15 people at a time. 

Jebel Jais Sky Tour Cost

The cost of the Jebel Jais Sky Tour is given below: 

  • October to March: Wednesday to Thursday AED 360, Friday to Sunday AED 450
  • April, May, and September: Wednesday to Thursday AED 330, Friday to Sunday AED 410
  • June, July, and August: Wednesday to Thursday AED 300, Friday to Sunday AED 360

Jebel Jais Sky Tour Timings

Well, you can’t enjoy the Jebel Jais sky tour on Monday and Tuesday because it is closed on these days. However, the time from Wednesday to Sunday is 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. 

3) Jebel Jais Sky Maze

This is one of the favorite activities for those who want to have fun and experience at the same time by beating the fear of heights and obstacles on the way. The level of difficulty of this activity is not the same for everyone. It is easy for kids and hard and moderate for adults. The setup of the swinging loops, narrow bicycle links, wobbly bridges and rope swings is organized in the sky which is 10 meters above the ground level. You must include this activity in your checklist if you want to experience an hour of thrills. 

Jebel Jais Sky Maze Cost

The cost of the Jebel Jais Sky Maze is given below: 

  • October to March: Monday to Thursday AED 70, Friday to Sunday AED 80
  • April, May, and September: Monday to Thursday AED 60, Friday to Sunday AED 70
  • June, July, and August: Monday to Thursday AED 50, Friday to Sunday AED 60

Jebel Jais Sky Maze Timings

Jebel Jais sky maze is closed on Monday and Tuesday. However, the time from Wednesday to Sunday is 09:30 am to 5:30 pm including all public holidays. 

Other Activities to Enjoy at Jebel Jais Adventure Park

There is a lot more to do at Jebel Jais Adventure park. The other activities you can enjoy at the park are given below: 

  • Jais Hiking
  • Jais Viewing Deck Park
  • Jais Flight
  • Jais Ropes Course
  • Bear Grylls Explorer Camp

Wrapping Up

Although these activities look dangerous, proper safety measures are taken there so that there would be no damage to anyone. However, there are some major requirements to take part in these activities that you must take care of to avoid any mishap.

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