Jais Sky Tour – A Complete Guide

Jais Sky Tour - A Complete Guide
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Do you want to experience an astonishing sky tour? Well, if you are in UAE, you can surely enjoy a sky tour in Jebel Jais. It will surely be a thrilling and adventurous experience at the top of the Hajar Mountain Range. 

Believe us! You will be flying at an average speed in the sky. So, how is it possible? How can you have a sky tour in Jebel Jais? What will be the requirements? Will you need to carry anything? 

There are a lot of questions related to the sky tour at Jebel Jais. Hold on and read this blog to discover every piece of information in order to enjoy your sky tour perfectly. 

Introduction To Jais Sky Tour

The Jebel Jais sky tour is a mountain tour in which you will be able to fly through a zipline from one destination to the other. The distance between the two destinations is 5 kilometers and you need to cover the distance through 6 ziplines. The average speed of the zipline will be 60km/hour. 

Not only just you will travel through the zipline, but you will also get a chance to walk across the UAE’s tallest sky bridge. You won’t believe that the bridge is almost 300 meters above ground level and 1250 meters above sea level. This bridge is 15 meters long and you can enjoy the stunning view from the top while walking across the bridge. You will surely collect some unforgettable moments while walking on the bridge and enjoying a zip ride for 1 hour. This 1 hour will be enough to forget about all the worries. 

Prerequisites for Jebel Jais Sky Tour

So, are there any requirements to enjoy a sky tour at Jebel Jais? Of course, there are! Below-mentioned is some major requirements to be able to enjoy a Jebel Jais Sky Tour:

  • The candidate’s weight must be between 40kg to 100kg. 
  • The minimum height required is 122 cm. 
  • The Candidate must be in good medical condition. 
  • Sporty clothes are highly required, other clothes such as skirts, dresses, etc must be strictly avoided. 
  • Sports shoes with good grip are essential and avoid wearing heels, sandals or loose footwear. 
  • The candidate must not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or negative spirits. 
  • Those under 18 years of age who fulfill the requirements can also enjoy the tour but parental consent is required. 

Additional Requirements for Jais Sky Tour

There are some additional requirements as well. We can’t say these are highly recommended, but you can prefer them as per your wish. 

  • Sunscreen
  • Mask
  • Sanitizer
  • High-quality camera
  • Additional jacket for winters. 

Working Hours

Now the question is, when can you enjoy the Jebel Jais sky tour? Is there any specific timing? Are there any particular days to enjoy this amazing tour? Well, yes! The timing and the days to experience the Jebel Jais sky tour are mentioned below: 

  • Days: From Wednesday to Sunday including all public holidays. 
  • Time: 9:30 am, 11:30 am, 3:00 pm.

ID Verification for Jais Sky Tour

If you want to enjoy the Jebel Jais sky tour, you need to identify yourself. This can either be done by showing your Emirates ID or passport at the counter. Remember that this step is mandatory. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the tour. 

On-site Services

What can you find on-site? Are the On-site services available for free or do you need to pay anything for them? Let’s check: 

  • Camera Rental Services(additional cost of AED 135)
  • Car Parking( Free)
  • Toilets (Free)
  • Cafe (cost as per your order)
  • Gift Shop(Cost as per the item purchased)

Cost of Jebel Jais Sky Tour

The cost of the Jebel Jais sky tour varies depending on different months and days. Let’s check the cost so that you can take the cash accordingly: 

  1. Cost for October to March
  • Wednesday to Thursday: AED 280
  • Friday to Sunday: AED 350
  1. Cost for April, May and September
  • Wednesday to Thursday: AED 260
  • Friday to Sunday: AED 315
  1. Cost for June, July and August
  • Wednesday to Thursday: AED 230
  • Friday to Sunday: AED 280

Distance of Ziplines

You will ride through 6 different zip lines. Well, the distance of ziplines is not the same. It is different which is mentioned below: 

  • Zipline One 1,068 meters.
  • Zipline Three 623 meters.
  • Zipline Five 351 meters.
  • Zipline Two 828 meters.
  • Zipline Four 337 meters.
  • Zipline Six 831 meters.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, we hope the information given in the blog is enough to let you know about the Jebel Jais sky tour. So, make a plan, arrange everything well in advance and if you fulfill the requirements, don’t forget to have a Jebel Jais sky tour during your trip to UAE.

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