HCT Students Thrive in RAKEZ Work Placement Program!

HCT Students Thrive in RAKEZ Work Placement Program!

Explore RAKEZ’s transformative work placement programme, empowering students from the Higher Colleges of Technology to bridge the gap between education and real-world experience.

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In the heart of Ras Al Khaimah, a remarkable initiative has taken shape at the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ). This initiative aimed to bridge the gap between education and professionalism, offering a group of ambitious Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) students a transformative four-month work placement experience. The result? A fusion of theoretical knowledge and real-world exposure that equips the youth with the skills and insights needed to excel in a competitive global market.

The RAKEZ Work Placement Experience

A Fusion of Academia and Real-World Exposure

The mission to nurture young talent is at the core of RAKEZ’s work placement programme. While invaluable, this initiative recognizes that classroom education often lacks the practical exposure required to thrive in the professional world. By assimilating students into various departments, RAKEZ provides a unique opportunity for them to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world application.

Departments and Diverse Exposure

During their four-month journey, students are integrated into diverse departments within RAKEZ, including:

  • Customer Experience: The frontline of interaction with clients.
  • Business Development: Nurturing growth and innovation.
  • Sales and Marketing: Strategies to reach a wider audience.
  • Information Technology: Leveraging technology for efficiency.
  • Finance: Managing the financial aspect of the business.
  • Engineering: Turning ideas into tangible solutions.
  • Human Resources: Building and nurturing the workforce.

This diverse exposure ensures students gain invaluable insights and real-world professional knowledge in their respective fields.

Equipping the Next Generation

The RAKEZ work placement programme goes beyond mere observation. It’s a hands-on experience that equips the next generation with the skills and experience necessary to excel in the competitive global market. Students are not just spectators; they actively contribute to the organization, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

Student Testimonials

Taif Ayman: A Transformational Journey

One of the students who participated in the RAKEZ work placement programme, Taif Ayman, shared his experience, stating,

“My journey at RAKEZ’s Customer Experience Department was a transformative experience. Over time, I adjusted to the professional work environment. The support of my colleagues and the hands-on experience I gained truly opened me up to the vast possibilities of a diverse workplace. Working at RAKEZ has been invaluable, equipping me with insights and expectations for my future career.”

Taif’s testimonial reflects the essence of the programme, where students undergo a metamorphosis from academic enthusiasts to confident, industry-ready professionals.

The Role of Educational Institutions

Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari: Learning Beyond Books

Addressing the students during the work placement completion ceremony, Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari, Executive Director of HCT, emphasized the importance of workplace exposure in education. He remarked,

“Most of us learn from experiences and grow professionally. Students must get workplace exposure to learn what they cannot from books. And the best places to learn from are the local entities.”

Dr. Al Ansaari’s words underscore the symbiotic relationship between educational institutions and local organizations like RAKEZ in shaping the future workforce.

RAKEZ’s Commitment to Nurturing Young Talent

Ramy Jallad: Enthusiasm, Adaptability, and Innovation

RAKEZ Group CEO Ramy Jallad commended the students for their remarkable contributions during their time at RAKEZ. He stated,

“Throughout their time with us, the students have shown remarkable enthusiasm, adaptability, and a thirst for learning that enriched our work environment. Their contributions offered new perspectives, challenging us to think differently and inspiring us to embrace innovation. We are proud to have been a part of their journey.”

RAKEZ’s commitment to nurturing young talent extends beyond the work placement programme. It’s a testament to their dedication to shaping the educational sector and grooming future leaders.

Aysha Sulaiman: Transforming Students into Professionals

Aysha Sulaiman, Director of Human Resources and Development at RAKEZ, shed light on the philosophy behind their work placement programmes. She said,

“Our work placement programmes are designed not just to provide practical experience, but to also foster a deep understanding of the professional world in a nurturing environment. The students’ enthusiasm and eagerness to learn energized our teams as well, and witnessing their transformation into confident professionals ready to face future challenges is a testament to the success of this initiative. Our organization is committed to supporting educational institutions in shaping well-rounded, industry-ready individuals.”


The RAKEZ work placement programme is a shining example of how educational institutions and local entities can collaborate to bridge the gap between education and professionalism. By providing students with diverse exposure and hands-on experience, RAKEZ empowers the youth to become confident professionals ready to tackle future challenges. This initiative not only enriches the students but also contributes to the development of Ras Al Khaimah’s educational sector and the grooming of future leaders in the country.

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