So here’s why your network says ‘UAE Tolerance’

UAE Tolerance March 2018 in Emirates

Residents in UAE were surprised to see the name of their network provider changed to ‘UAE Tolerance’ on Friday morning.

The International Day for Tolerance is observed on November 16 as an annual observance declared by UNESCO in 1995 to generate public awareness of the dangers of intolerance.   

As some parts of the world are reeling from strife and hatred, the UAE will strive to lead the way to boost pluralism and embrace diversity.

In UAE, the Tolerance Walkathon will be the launch pad for the National Tolerance Festival organised from Nov 9 to 16, which also features more than 120 local and federal entities and private organisations. 

The Tolerance Walkathon will kick-off from Umm Al Emarat Park today, 9th November 2018 at 4.30 pm.

UAE Tolerance March

The campaign aims at increasing awareness specifically about tolerance towards refugees and migrants, and combating negative perceptions towards these affected groups of people across the world and in host countries.

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