New Rates for hiring domestic workers in UAE

New Rates for hiring domestic workers in UAE

New Rates for hiring domestic workers

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has announced details of four packages for hiring domestic workers which will be updated every six months.

The packages are meant to make it easier for employers to hire domestic workers including cleaners, nannies, babysitters, drivers, gardeners, cooks and private teachers from outside the UAE.

Tadbeer centres help facilitate interviews between domestic workers and employers and assist in issuing visas, Emirates IDs, tickets and easy transfer of sponsorship. It also serves as the contact point in case of disputes between workers and employers.

Package 1: One-time recruitment cost

Indonesia and Sri Lanka  AED15,000
Nepal  AED14,500
Philippines  AED14,000
India  AED12,000
Bangladesh  AED7,000
Kenya and Uganda  AED6,500
Ethiopia  AED5,000

*Does not include government fees related to issuing visas, residence, medical examinations, etc.

Package 2: 6-month contract

This package provides temporary six-month contract, during which time the workers would be under the ministry’s sponsorship. After the six-month period, the worker’s sponsorship can be fully transferred to the family or business sponsorship for a longer contract.

Transfer fees:

The workers must pay a transfer fee after the end of their contract:

Philippines  AED8,000
India, Nepal  AED6,000
Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh  AED4,500
Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda  AED3,500

Fixed monthly salary

Employers who select this package on a monthly basis until the end of the six-month period.

Philippines, Indonesia  AED2,500
Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, India  AED2,250
Ethiopia, Uganda  AED2,300
Sri Lanka  AED2,200

Package 3: Tadbeer sponsorship

The third package or Tadbeer sponsorship throughout work term is available for those who don’t want to transfer the sponsorship to themselves. Temporary recruitment of domestic workers for a two-year period where the workers will not be allowed to work as resident workers for their employers or families after the set period. The monthly fee for this package

Philippines, Indonesia  AED2,500
Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, India  AED2,250
Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Uganda  AED2,300

Package 4: Part-time services

This package allows families or businesses to hire help on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Standard rates:

4 hours  AED 120
8 hours  AED 200
7 days  AED 1,120
30 days  AED 3,500
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