Visit the Ramadan Festival in Ras Al Khaimah

Ramdan festival in RAK

The emirate of Ras Al Khaimah aims to transform itself during the month of Ramadan into a major tourist destination. During this festival, there are many activities that are geared towards bringing  the culture and heritage of Ras Al Khaimah to the tourists attention.

Shows for children are put on during the festival, with magic shows and plays performed by children from various institutions are on exhibit. There are also heritage shows that provide cultural integration and introduce new generations to the importance of maintaining tradition.

The festival also has a rich lineup of outdoor entertainment activities and live stage shows for children. The programmes also include religious lectures, daily competitions for children, a photography exhibition and a health pavilion set to provide free health check ups and consultation.

RAK Ramadan Festival has over the years emerged as a unique annual event that seeks to enrich the Ramadan experience in the emirate by encompassing the spiritual, cultural and social expressions of the holy month. It is also expected to provide a boost to the local economy by providing a platform for the festive seasons’ retail trade.

Several halls will be dedicated to this event with sections that are themed as a traditional Arabic village, with pavilions offering glimpse of Emirati heritage, culture and lifestyle while the other sections are dedicated to selling garments, fashion accessories, handicrafts and perfumes.

Diverse activities that reflect culture and heritage are on display with special emphasis given to children and families. Another highlight of this festival is the active participation of various government departments and other social institutions which will set up stalls at the venue.

Visit the main hall at RAK Exhibition Center from May 21st to June 14th to enjoy the cultural fair in this year of giving to honour the true spirit of Ramadan

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