UAE Passport – World’s 3rd most Powerful

UAE Passport - World's 3rd most powerful

The UAE travel document now has a visa-free score of 163.

UAE citizens can enter 113 countries visa-free, while 50 countries will welcome them with a visa on arrival. Emiratis still need visas to enter 35 countries on the globe.

According to rankings released by Passport Index, the UAE passport now shares its berth with passports from Belgium, Austria, Japan, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada.

On top of the list with a visa-free score of 165 are Singapore and Germany, while US, South Korea, France, Denmark and Sweden are among the 11 countries that share the second spot with a score of 164.

The United Arab Emirates’ positive diplomacy, focus and determination helped boost its passport power.

Many countries are placing an importance on the power of their passports, and how freely their citizens can travel across the globe.

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