RAKEZ’s Stand at GITEX Global 2023

RAKEZ's Stand at GITEX Global 2023

Explore the UAE’s booming technology industry with RAKEZ at GITEX Global 2023. Discover investment opportunities and the support ecosystem for tech companies.

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Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) stands as a beacon of opportunity in the heart of the vibrant tech landscape. GITEX Global 2023, a prominent technology exhibition, serves as the stage for RAKEZ to showcase the flourishing technology industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As innovators, industry leaders, and tech enthusiasts gather at the Dubai World Trade Centre until 20th October, let’s delve into the world of RAKEZ and its pivotal role in supporting tech enterprises.

Ras Al Khaimah’s Thriving Tech Ecosystem

RAKEZ is not just a participant; it’s a key player in the UAE’s ever-expanding technology sector.

The UAE’s Booming ICT Market

The recent Global Data report paints a compelling picture of the UAE’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) market. Valued at USD 36.14 billion in 2022, this market is poised for astounding growth at a CAGR of 12.46% and is expected to reach a staggering USD 65 billion by 2027. The cumulative revenue opportunities for ICT providers in this period are estimated at USD 291.73 billion.

RAKEZ’s Tech-Oriented Approach

With the UAE’s technology sector on the brink of an exponential surge, RAKEZ guides tech companies in setting up or expanding their regional operations. The economic zone bridges global tech giants with the UAE’s burgeoning tech landscape.

The Commitment to Innovation

RAKEZ’s presence at GITEX Global 2023 underlines its commitment to fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic diversification in Ras Al Khaimah. The economic zone offers a nurturing ecosystem tailored specifically to the needs of IT companies.

RAKEZ’s Ecosystem for Tech Companies

Seamless Business Setup

RAKEZ simplifies the often complex process of setting up a business. The streamlined procedures make it easier than ever for tech companies to establish their presence.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

The backbone of any tech enterprise is its infrastructure. RAKEZ provides state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring tech companies have the resources to thrive.

Value-Added Support Services

RAKEZ goes beyond the basics. They offer a suite of value-added support services that include everything from permits and licenses to access to local and global markets.

Business-Friendly Regulatory Environment

Innovation thrives in an environment that fosters growth. RAKEZ provides a regulatory framework that is friendly and encourages business expansion.

Ramy Jallad’s Vision

As the Group CEO of RAKEZ, Ramy Jallad shares his vision for GITEX Global 2023.

A Global Opportunity

Ramy Jallad says, “GITEX Global 2023 presents a fantastic opportunity for RAKEZ to engage with tech industry leaders and innovators worldwide.” The UAE’s tech sector is rapidly evolving, and RAKEZ aims to be at the forefront by supporting companies and investors in their global journey.

Dedication to Tech Growth

“As the technology landscape continues to evolve, RAKEZ remains dedicated to facilitating the growth of tech companies and contributing to the UAE’s position as a global tech innovation hub.”

RAKEZ’s Track Record

Empowering Diverse Businesses

RAKEZ has a remarkable track record of empowering businesses across various sectors, with a special focus on technology. Their comprehensive support services ensure businesses thrive in the UAE and beyond.

Discover Boundless Opportunities

Visit RAKEZ’s Stand at GITEX Global 2023

For a firsthand experience of the limitless potential in the UAE’s tech sector, visit RAKEZ’s stand at the Dubai World Trade Centre during GITEX Global 2023.

Expert Guidance and Insights

RAKEZ experts will be on hand to provide invaluable guidance and insights to tech entrepreneurs and investors throughout the event.

Exclusive Business Set-Up Packages

Don’t miss the opportunity to unveil the exclusive business set-up packages available during GITEX Global 2023. RAKEZ is your partner in tech success.


RAKEZ’s participation in GITEX Global 2023 signifies more than just an appearance; it symbolizes the UAE’s commitment to fostering technological innovation. With a robust ecosystem tailored for tech companies, RAKEZ is poised to be a catalyst in the UAE’s journey towards becoming a global tech innovation hub. Visit their stand, explore the opportunities, and let RAKEZ be your partner in tech success.

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