RAKEZ, ICP and MOHRE host awareness session on UAE Immigration and Labour

RAKEZ, ICP, and MOHRE's Expertise on UAE Law

Discover UAE immigration & labour law, visas, rights, penalties, and RAKEZ’s commitment to knowledge sharing.

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To provide invaluable insights into UAE immigration and labour law, Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) recently organized an exclusive awareness session. Collaborating with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship and the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation – Ras Al Khaimah Labour Office, RAKEZ aimed to equip attendees with a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the legal framework governing the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This event brought together experts from the International Compliance Partners (ICP), ensuring that participants gained profound insights into various aspects of the law.

This comprehensive guide delves into the topics covered during the awareness session. We provide a detailed overview, from the entry and residence of foreigners in the UAE to visa types, entry requirements, employment relationships, and the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees. Additionally, we explore the consequences of violating immigration and labour regulations, including penalties for various visa-related matters.

UAE Immigration: Entry and Residence

UAE Immigration laws are crucial to understanding the legal framework of the country. They determine who can enter, reside, and work in the UAE. But what are the key aspects of UAE immigration?

Visa Types in the UAE

  • Tourist Visas: Ideal for short-term visitors, allowing stays ranging from 30 to 90 days.
  • Employment Visas: Necessary for expatriates seeking employment in the UAE.
  • Investor Visas: Designed for foreign investors and business owners.
  • Student Visas: Essential for international students pursuing education in the UAE.
  • Dependent Visas: These are granted to family members of UAE residents.

Entry Requirements

Before entering the UAE, it’s essential to meet certain requirements:

  • Passport validity: Your passport should have at least six months’ validity.
  • Visa application: Depending on the type of visa, you may need a sponsor.
  • Medical examination: Some visas require a medical checkup.

Understanding Labour Regulations

Labour regulations in the UAE are vital for both employers and employees. Let’s explore the key aspects.

Employment Relationships

  • Employment contracts: A written contract is mandatory.
  • Probation periods: Employers often have the option to include a probationary period.
  • Termination: The rules for terminating employment in the UAE.

Rights and Responsibilities

  • Employee rights: Understanding entitlements, such as annual leave and end-of-service benefits.
  • Employer responsibilities: Complying with wage protection, working conditions, and safety regulations.

Penalties for Violating Regulations

Understanding the consequences of violating UAE immigration and labour laws is crucial. Penalties can range from fines to deportation.

Visa Violations

  • Overstaying: Penalties for exceeding the visa validity period.
  • Working without the right visa: Consequences of unauthorized employment.
  • Falsifying documents: The legal implications of providing false information.

Labour Law Violations

  • Non-payment of wages: Penalties for employers failing to pay salaries on time.
  • Unlawful termination: Consequences of wrongful dismissal.
  • Violating working conditions: Penalties for unsafe or unhealthy working environments.

Distinguished Attendees at the Awareness Session

The presence of esteemed individuals underscored the success of the RAKEZ awareness session.

  • Brigadier General Dr. Ahmed Abdulrahman Al Noman: Director of the Violators Affairs Department.
  • Mr. Hussain Al Shamsi: Ras Al Khaimah, Labour Office Manager.
  • Representatives of participating parties.

RAKEZ’s Commitment to Knowledge Sharing

RAKEZ’s Group CEO, Ramy Jallad, highlighted the importance of such awareness sessions in promoting success within the UAE’s legal framework. These sessions facilitate business growth and ensure that clients are well-informed and compliant with immigration and labour regulations. The collaboration with government authorities reflects RAKEZ’s dedication to the region’s prosperity.

Exciting Upcoming Initiatives in 2024

In addition to the recent success, RAKEZ has exciting plans for the future. The authority remains committed to supporting its clients and the broader community by providing essential knowledge and tools to excel within the UAE’s legal framework. Stay tuned for upcoming initiatives to ensure continued success and prosperity for all stakeholders.


Understanding UAE immigration and labour law is essential for anyone residing or working there. RAKEZ’s awareness session, in collaboration with government authorities, provides valuable insights into these crucial aspects of the legal framework. By comprehending visa types, entry requirements, employment relationships, and the consequences of violations, individuals and businesses can thrive while remaining compliant with UAE regulations. As RAKEZ continues its commitment to knowledge sharing, clients and the community can look forward to further initiatives that promote success within the UAE’s legal framework. Stay informed, stay compliant, and prosper in the United Arab Emirates.

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