RAKEZ helps business community get insights on UAE labour law updates

RAKEZ helps business community get insights on UAE labour law updates

RAKEZ is helping business community to get proper idea on UAE labour law!

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Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) hosted an interactive seminar on UAE labour law to help members of its business community stay on top of the latest developments in the country’s dynamic labour market and understand their impact on their companies.

The event featured human resource experts sharing their insights on a variety of topics related to labour law, including recent changes in legislation, compliance requirements, and best practices for managing the workforce. RAKEZ clients were given the opportunity to interact with the experts, ask specific questions about their own businesses, and engage in discussions that helped simplify the subject matter.

Group CEO of RAKEZ, Ramy Jallad, said, “The evolving regulatory shifts in the UAE’s labour market highlight the country’s aim to help companies attract and maintain talented resources and follow the best practices which help them grow, along with their people. Our role here is to assist the businesses in our community to align themselves to these shifts by providing them with the right information and tools to simplify their operations and support their growth plans.”

The well-attended seminar saw around 200 entrepreneurs and business owners from various sectors, keen to learn about the different aspects of the topic. One of the attendees, Simi Eby, CEO of Bosco Group, said, “The session provided an in-depth idea of the changes brought about by the amended laws and their applicability to our company. From both employer and employee perspectives, it was helpful to learn about the best practices, precautionary measures as well as various rights.” She added, “The initiative taken by RAKEZ to keep their clients informed of all things that may impact their business is appreciable. We have been benefitting from the monthly informative sessions and are looking forward to more.”

Co-founder and CFO of Furless, Juan Gonzales said, “The session was quite interesting, I was particularly keen on the discussion about the laws surrounding Emiratisation. Another takeaway for me was that the experts decoded the non-compete clause, which is important for my company.” He added, “It is important for companies to participate in these, not just for networking opportunities but also for general knowledge on business.” 

Public Relations Manager at Hira Industries, Sunil Chacko said, “The changes in laws have brought about many small, but important, changes in the human resource functions. Hearing about these from the industry experts was very helpful for us.” He added, “We are happy about this learning platform set up by RAKEZ allowing us to regularly gain insights into the laws that impact our business.”

Jallad added, “We aim to ensure that our clients are well informed about the latest trends that could affect their businesses and assist them in taking the necessary steps. By offering monthly B2B seminars, we want to support them in preparing for the future and growing their businesses in the UAE and the wider region.”

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