Oman has announced new tourist visa rules from 21st March, 2018

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From March 21, you will have to apply for your visa online.
Planning a spontaneous weekender in Oman? A little more planning ahead may now be necessary, as you will no longer be able to rock up and apply for your visa at one of the service desks on arrival.
Instead, all applications for tourist and express visas will now have to be made online in advance via the Royal Oman Police eVisa website:
According to the eVisa Oman Twitter account, these changes will come into effect on March 21
Oman launched its e-visa service in July last year. It’s pretty simple – you just need to fill in an online form, attach travel documents, they pay the fee through a secure Global Payment Gateway. You’ll then receive your visa and notifications via email.
The tourist visa fee went up in April last year from OMR5 (Dhs47) to OMR20 (Dhs190). At the same time, the length of stay was increased from 10 days to a month.
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