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My Review About Union Permits: How I Immigrated to the EU

My Review About Union Permits: How I Immigrated to the EU

Discover my immigration journey to the EU with Union Permits. Read my review for insights and advice.

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My story began in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. I grew up in a rich family and in a beautiful, prosperous city, but I had no prospects there. My parents wanted me to work for my father (he is a property developer) but I wished to run my own business. Applying my entrepreneurial talents in another country was my dream.

While travelling around Europe, I fell in love with Slovenia. In my opinion Ljubljana is the perfect place to live because it suggests:

  • Low cost of living;
  • High quality of life;
  • Diverse society;
  • Ample opportunities to run a business.

This is when I started thinking about immigrating to the EU and obtaining Slovenian passport in particular.

While searching for information about relocation to the European Union, I discovered that it is wise to cooperate with immigration companies. According to many reviews I have read, people who decided to pass all the steps on their own were more likely to be rejected. One of the most recommended organizations on the Internet was Union Permits. Fortunately, after comparing reviews and general information about them with other immigration companies, I chose them for assisting me during immigration path to Slovenia.

My Review About Union Permits: How I Immigrated to the EU

Why I chose the company Union Permits

In my opinion, it is very important to choose a reliable immigration company. There are countless organizations on the Internet offering their unique benefits to the client. In fact, during my research, I have seen that many of them only highlight the low cost of their services or unrealistically short time frames for obtaining a passport.

Fortunately, there were clients’ reviews which could help me verify the information on the immigration companies’ websites. Most of them reported that the professionals of some organizations made serious mistakes in their work processes. This resulted in huge delays in obtaining an EU passport (up to a whole year), as mentioned in the reviews.

Therefore, my main criterium for choosing an immigration company was basically the professionalism of its experts and that’s about it. In my opinion, careful preparation and extensive legal knowledge are the main keys to a successful relocation to the EU. With this in mind, I chose Union Permits. After reading reviews about this organization, I realized that this immigration company is what I need to become a Slovenian citizen.

Reviews about Union Permits that I faced up with

When I read reviews about Union Permits, the high competence of the lawyers was the main thing which people praised about this organization. Clients were often impressed by the speed of specialists’ work and their knowledge of legislation of EU countries. I want to share information about the organization which has been helpful to me and that I have found in the reviews of others.

One of the clients mentioned that the initial consultation provided by the experts is free. Having contacted a lot of lawyers, I can confirm that this service is very useful. Before the cooperation you should always check whether the company has good experts or not.

While some people noted good consultation in their reviews of Union Permits, others mentioned the existence of an official cooperation contract. I have found this document to be the best way to confirm the legality of the lawyers’ work and to guarantee the confidentiality of my personal data. It was important for me to find immigration experts who would make the relocation process clear and safe.

In their reviews, migrants also noted the assistance of the Union Permits specialists in the re-registering of documents for European ones. For me, this was also confirmation of the high competence of the lawyers. Such a procedure is not something that every company is willing to offer. This means full support at all stages of immigration, even after the citizenship certificate has been issued.

Although most of the reviews about Union Permits were found positive, it was also quite informative to find neutral ones. Basically, most of them mentioned such weaknesses of this immigration company:

  • Specialists do not use anonymous messengers to communicate;
  • No 24/7 support available.

Fortunately, these drawbacks found in the reviews had no impact on my choice of immigration company. They were irrelevant to my case, and I was happy to leave a request on the Union Permits official website and start cooperating with them to become a Slovenian citizen.

My Review About Union Permits: How I Immigrated to the EU

Ending note

As a result, I successfully obtained Slovenian id-card by repatriation a week ago. The whole process of cooperation with Union Permits took 8 months. In my opinion, the specialists of this organization were as competent as it was mentioned in the clients’ reviews. They helped me overcome all legal procedures without any delays and made obtaining a Slovenian passport very smooth for me. I am now a resident of Ljubljana and I am preparing a business plan to open my own restaurant. Union Permits gave me the chance to fulfil my ambitions and start a new life in the EU. I am very grateful to them, and I hope that my review will help other immigrants to choose the right assistant in their relocation.

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