Future of Beekeeping: Fujairah International Conference

Fujairah's International Apicultural Revolution

Discover the first Fujairah Bee Research Conference, uniting global experts to boost honeybee science and sustainability.

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In the serene embrace of Fujairah, a transformative event is taking place. It holds the promise of revolutionizing honeybee science and apicultural practices in the Middle East. The Fujairah International Conference on Bee Research, hosted under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Crown Prince of Fujairah, is a testament to the profound significance of honeybees in our world. Organized by the Fujairah Environment Authority and supported by the Fujairah Research Centre, this conference is a beacon of knowledge, innovation, and collaboration. So, as we delve into this article, we’ll uncover the remarkable journey and pivotal insights that this conference has to offer.

The Buzzworthy Inaugural Edition

The inaugural edition of the Fujairah International Conference on Bee Research has taken flight. However, the Double Tree by Hilton in Fujairah serving as the hive of activity. This conference has drawn over 200 attendees from research centers not only within the Emirates but also from around the globe. However, it is a gathering of minds, a convergence of beekeepers, policymakers, industry experts, and researchers. However, they all united by a shared passion for honeybees and a common goal: to advance the field of apiculture and establish Fujairah as the epicenter of honeybee research and innovation in the Middle East.

Empowering Beekeepers for Success

Central to this conference is the empowerment of the Middle East’s beekeepers. The organizers recognize the unique challenges faced by beekeepers in this region. Thus, they have curated a program that focuses on innovative practices tailored to the local environment. From addressing health concerns to safeguarding habitat protection, the conference aims to equip beekeepers with the knowledge and strategies they need for success.

A Global Phenomenon

The Fujairah International Conference on Bee Research has transcended borders, drawing beekeeping enthusiasts, experts, and researchers from all corners of the world. So, it stands as a testament to the universal appeal and importance of honeybee research. Whether you’re exploring the bustling hives of local apiaries or delving into the cutting-edge advancements of international apiculture, this conference is a treasure trove of solutions and technologies.

Fujairah's International Apicultural Revolution

The Vision of H.E Aseela Al Moalla

H.E Aseela Al Moalla, Director of Fujairah Environment Authority, shares her vision for the conference. She emphasizes the importance of promoting best practices in hive maintenance, disease prevention, and honey production. However, through workshops and educational initiatives, the conference aspires to create a global collaboration among experts and industry leaders. It’s a space where insights from diverse ecosystems merge to shape the future of honey and honeybee science.

A Global Gathering

The Fujairah International Conference on Bee Research is not limited by borders. It proudly welcomes research centers and institutes from 14 countries. However, this global presence underscores the event’s significance in advancing honeybee research and sustainability practices on a worldwide scale.


The Fujairah International Conference on Bee Research is more than just an event; it’s a movement. It’s a journey that transcends borders, bringing together individuals passionate about honeybees and committed to shaping the future of apiculture. This coference promises to unlock the secrets of honeybee science and propel the Middle East into the forefront of apicultural innovation. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this remarkable journey!

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