Did you notice Qasr Al Hosn in your UAE phone network?

Qasr Al Hosn Abu Dhabi

Did you notice Qasr Al Hosn in your UAE phone network?

You might have noticed your phone that says ‘Qasr Al Hosn’ in the network name.

What’s that all about?

UAE is celebrating a historic landmark in Abu Dhabi, that is set to re-open on Friday after more than a decade of conservation and renovation work.

Qasr Al Hosn is made up of an Inner Fort – or ‘Hosn’ – that was built with coral and sea stone by Sheikh Shakhbut bin Dhiyab in 1795 and an Outer Palace – or ‘Qasr’ – added by Sheikh Shakhbut bin Sultan Al Nahyan in 1939.

For decades, Qasr Al Hosn housed the ruling family but by the 1960s, and after further renovations, this beautiful collection of understated buildings became home to the National Centre for Documentation and Research. It has remained a resilient symbol of Abu Dhabi’s history, even as the city we know today has so quickly grown up around it.

Qasr Al Hosn Abu Dhabi
Qasr Al Hosn Abu Dhabi

Historical figures come Alive

Thanks to the highly interactive nature of the site which includes films, displays and audio, visitors will not only get to see what the living quarters were like, they will also have the opportunity to truly experience and learn about the daily lives of the people who lived in the palace. The videos combined with the sounds of voices will make visitors feel like they have gone back in time and are standing in the very presence of the former inhabitants of the palace.

New Sections

Two new sections are being added to Qasr Al Hosn

  1. Cultural foundation: 
    The newly renovated Cultural Foundation will also be reopened on the larger site itself with an inaugural exhibition — Artists and the Cultural Foundation
  2. House of Artisans: 
    One completely new building added to the site is the House of Artisans, this building is dedicated to preserving Emirati culture and will feature exhibitions, workshops and training courses on traditional Emirati handicraft customs such as weaving (al sadu), paln frond braiding (khoos) and embroidery (talli).
Qasr Al Hosn Abu Dhabi
Qasr Al Hosn Abu Dhabi

The Event Week

Friday 7 December
General opening starts at 4:00pm.
Memory of an Emirati Song 8:30pm
Salem Shukri Al Attas – 8:30pm
Soaud Massi Trio – 8:30pm
Saturday December 8
Majaz – 8:30pm
Wednesday December 12
Elbrus – 6:30pm
Thursday December 13
Naseer Shamma & Global Project Ensemble – 8:30 pm
Friday December 14
Iftah Ya Simsim – 6:30pm
Chehade Brothers – 8:30pm
Saturday December 15Yousif Yaseen (Mukhalef) – 8:30pm
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