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A year from opening, Hampton by Hilton Marjan is contributing to the community and environment

Hampton by Hilton Marjan

In less than a year since opening, the property won the RAK Green Hotel Award!

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Hampton by Hilton Marjan Island celebrated its first anniversary in 2022, marking a year of achievements in guest numbers, sustainability and operations.

The largest Hampton by Hilton in the world, the property features a 750-metre beach, an infinity pool and stunning sea views.

“When we opened the hotel in July 2021, it was with a clear vision to become the destination of choice in Marjan Island while also embodying Hilton’s overarching philosophy of making a positive contribution to the local community and environment. We rounded up our first year having welcomed more than 300,00 guests and look forward to continuing our efforts leading with the ongoing support of our staff and guests,” said GM John Riad.

Below he tells us more about the property and plans for the year.

What have been the team’s greatest achievements of the year? 

We continued to pioneer sustainable ventures for the property, surpassing targets set when the hotel first opened to the public. The RAK Environment Protection & Development Authority awarded Hampton by Hilton Marjan Island with the Ras Al Khaimah Environmental Sustainability Award in October 2022. 

Over the course of the year, 64 tonnes of food waste have been diverted from the landfill with a food digester machine; 270 tonnes of carbon reduction from July 2021 to till date; 1.6 tonnes of glass waste monthly has been sent to RAK waste management for recycling; 3.3 tonnes of mixed recycling sent to RAK waste management for recycling. Additionally, 3,600 litres of used cooking oil were forwarded to the municipality to be recycled into biodiesel. We reduced electricity and water consumption using water aerators installation, reduced flush tanks, maximised daylight in the lobby and the main restaurant, and used the GRMS system in guest rooms controlling lights and AC based on occupancy and certain set points. 

Hampton by Hilton Marjan

The hotel consistently considers environmental considerations when purchasing materials and supplies, using a paperless system to make a purchase order to enhance sustainability, using paper or non-plastic straws, sourcing fresh vegetables locally, using biodegradable products for the kitchen to get rid of plastic, using biodegradables garbage bags to enhance sustainability, and using glass jars/bottles in minibar items instead of plastic.

A testament to this was Hampton by Hilton being awarded the RAK Green Hotel Award in May 2022 for dedication towards the success of the Green Hotel Initiative in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. Looking into renewable energy sources, we conducted the solar panels’ implementation study and looking forward to the project approvals in 2023.

What other innovations have you brought in?

We are the first Hilton property in the region to introduce a Biodigester. This food composter converts food waste to greywater, reducing the property’s carbon footprint. This innovative initiative is part of a strategy to help the property meet its zero-waste sustainability goals. 

Upon opening, the property was also the first hotel to gift all 40 guest General Managers an ‘Ocean Bottle’ – the reusable bottles stemmed from an international maritime conservation initiative where 11.368kg of plastic, bound for the ocean, is collected for every bottle bought.

We are also the only hotel on Marjan Island to implement EV chargers for electric cars.

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